What Is The Difference Between Group And Team?


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Both group and team comprises of members or individuals. In group there is separate identity of every individual working with the group. Which means every individual has its own job to perform. Contrary to this, there is'nt any identity of individuals in team. Performance of entire team is considered as a whole.    
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A team is a number of people organized with some sort of goal in mind.  A group is more a number of people or objects gathered together to form a single unit based on some sort of commonality.
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A group has a individual accountability..
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What is the difference between groups and teams?
In General term, group and team has the same concept in every day life. But specifically both can be differentiated as follows: Group: Group is the combination of things or people organized for...  
What is the difference between a group and a team?
Members of a group have something in common, even if it is only that they are all in the same place at the same time. A team is a group working together to reach a goal - winning the game, solving a...  
What is different between group and team?
A team is essentially a group, but work togeather, for example a football team works to achieve the goal of winning a game. A group could just be a flock of fans, or something created by someone else...  
What are the difference between team and group?
A team is people working together to a goal a group of people is just a number of people together.  
What is the difference between group and team?
A group is two or more people who are dedicated to an approach of a leader, whereas a team is a small group of people with similar skills
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A team is a collection of people to achive a common goal by combine effort , on other hand , group is the collection of people based upon physical nearside or schcological attatchment.
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Groups discuss, decide and delegate jobs to which each person is accountable for their own input. The purpose is usually to support a broader task/mission which is controlled by a designated/clear leader.

Teams on the other hand have shared leadership roles which have both mutual and individual accountability. Teams actively discuss, problem-solve, decide and work together to produce a collective work product that is specific to the teams objectives.

(Imagine the task is to bounce up and down on a see-saw. If you were in a group of two, the leader might designate your role as pushing, meaning you are accountable for lifting and raising the see-saw alone. But if you worked together as a team with another person and both push to make the task work, the effort is shared and you are both accountable for the output of the specific task).
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I agree with sky123 groups each member has a input  in things teams all work together  usually with one leader

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