What Does Cooperative Mean?


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Meaning of co- operative:
Co-operative is a unique from of organization. It is different from the other major forms of organizations since its purpose is not to earn profits but to render the services to people. A cooperative society is defined as an association of individuals who voluntarily pool their resources for carrying on a certain business for the mutual welfare of the members themselves.

The international labor office (ILO) defines cooperative as:
"An association of persons usually of limited means who have voluntarily joined together to achieve economic end through the formation of democratically controlled business organization, making equitable contribution to the capital required and accepting a share fair of risks and benefits of the undertakings."

In the words of Calvert:
"A cooperative society is a form of organization wherein persons voluntarily work together as human beings and on the basis of equality for the promotion of economic interest of themselves."
From the definition of cooperative given above, we find that the foundation of cooperative organization is based on rendering service to the members of the organization and not earning profit. There is cooperation among the members and not competition. It is based on self service not a profit seeking business. It aims at normal solidarity of the members and not undercutting one another.
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Cooperative means helping the people working with them or people around them.In simple words Cooperative means cooperating the people in all activities with a social purpose.
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Cooperation in simple terms is an association of individuals who have fixed to come together for a common benefit. The cooperative may be set for various reasons such as buying or selling or bartering of goods in bulk. The term cooperative in the commercial world means being governed by a set f rules and regulations.

In formal lines a cooperative has been defined as an independent association of persons who have united willingly to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and goals of the enterprise. The enterprise is in cooperation owned and democratically restricted enterprise. The values of cooperatives are based on self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, impartiality, fairness and harmony. A cooperative has no passive shareholders. The membership of a cooperative is open.
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Working together!
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It means involving doing something together or working together with
others towards a shared aim.
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A cooperative means the act of different people coming together with different ideas for a purpose or in a business organization

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