What Does Consideration Mean?


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Consideration can be used in a personal sense and in a more general sense. In the personal sense, consideration means that you take into account other people's feelings. If you have consideration, it implies that you have empathy for other people and your actions do not harm others. Consideration can also be used in a more abstract way. For instance, a judge might say, 'In consideration of the evidence of this case, I rule. . .' Therefore, consideration need not involve other people. You can give consideration to inanimate objects or concepts like books, facts, etc. However, the common thread in both uses of the word consideration is that it involves giving thought to something or someone outside yourself. That is why consideration is closely related to the concepts of selflessness, generosity and empathy. Having consideration for people and the world is considered an enviable trait. It is what the golden rule 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is all about.
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The noun consideration has several meanings. The two most common are:

careful, usually extended thought ("after long and careful consideration, we decided to offer him the job.")

Thinking about others, looking after them, their well-being and feelings ("He shows no consideration for his parents; he just makes demands on them.")

To take something into consideration is related to the first of these, and means to include it in your plans and calculations ("We will need 3 hours to reach London, taking into consideration the rush hour traffic.")

A less common meaning of the word is payment or compensation, usually financial ("For a small consideration, he is going to babysit for us every Saturday evening.")

It can also mean "thing to consider," eg "There is one more consideration that we haven't mentioned yet."

The word consider comes from the Latin word considerare. It may have been connected with the idea of prediction, but if so this meaning has been lost.
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One correspondence expert says," When writing a letter out yourself in your correspondent's shoes, sense his feelings and anticipate his reactions". The reader should know that the writer is aware of and is doing something for the reader's needs and problems. A successful letter will naturally concentrate on the reader's interests and take into account his problems, and convenience. Consideration comes from courtesy. In fact, consideration refers to the writer's attitude, understanding of human nature, personal touch and sympathy for the reader.

This mode of consideration is called the "you-attitude". Consideration for the reader is very important for getting positive response. However the writer should not overlook the interest of his organization .One may remain watchful of one's interest and yet be considerate of others. The following points should be observed: The writer should focus on 'you' instead of "I" and "We" offer the printer cartridges in three colours: black, blue and green". Instead it should be worded, as "Select your printer cartridges from three colours: black, blue and green".

The writer should show interest in the benefit of the reader .He should try to personalize the reader's benefit. The message should focus on what the reader will get and not on what he has to give. The writer should emphasize the positive and pleasant facts. Focus on the silver lining, not on the cloud. Stress what is or will be instead of what isn't or won't be. For example," We never exchange damaged goods", can be stated, as "We are happy to exchange merchandise that is returned to us in good condition". The writer should apply integrity to his message.
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Consideration is the action of careful thought concerning something. For example, "I will give your presentation consideration". It can also refer to the consequence of considering, an estimation or an outlook. For example, "It is my consideration that you should give the exam." Consideration is also an issue that has to be kept in mind before making a decision about something. For example, "comfort is my top consideration in buying a couch." It also means a written explanation before prose. For example, "the thesis began with a short consideration of the background of the issue." Consideration in another manner of speaking may refer to compassionate worry for other people.

In monetary terms, consideration means remuneration offered for a service provided, a compensation of some sort.

In legal terms, consideration means something that is guaranteed, provided or completed that has the result of turning a pact into a officially permitted contract that can be enforced by law.

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