What Does Coast Mean?


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What coast means is that it is a piece of land close to a body of water. That is what it means to me.
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A coast is a piece of land in proximity or close to the sea. Seashore is another word for the coast. Though used synonymously, term coastline is slightly different from the word "shoreline." Coastline refers to a line on the map referring to the positioning of the coast, while the shoreline is the actual line of contact between the sea and the surface of the land. It is reported that the coastline of the world measures to a total of 312,000 kilometers. The shape of coasts is altered over a period of time, by the relative shift in the level of the land and the sea. Erosion of land, addition of rocky deposits and other tectonic activities are other factors which can change the shape of a coast.

The coast when used as a verb (to coast) means "to slide." To coast can also mean "to move or arrive smoothly". When someone moves or roams aimlessly without worrying about reaching the destination in time, he is said to be "coasting."

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