What Does Candid Mean?


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She was very candid when she told her friend she was wearing an ugly dress.
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The word candid means sincerely outspoken, it can also mean free from reserve, honest and impartial. It comes from the latin Candidaus, which means shining white and makes the allusion to whiteness, unblemished truth, a comparison between unblemished whitenessness and the clean truth.

You could use it in a question such as:

May I be candid about my feelings towards Miss Jones?

Or in a statement:

To be candid, I hate Mr Green, he is feckless and immoral.

Or in a reply

Yes, the young man was candid about his feelings towards me.

It is a great word and much underused. There was a television programme from the US called Candid Camera that was the first real hidden camera wind up show. Candid in this sense meant that the adage the camera sees all was true, because people behaved with utmost truth and sincerity when they believed the circumstances were real.
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Candid is a word which means being open to frank discussions and honest views of other people. It is a way of speaking forthrightly with people by giving sincere opinions. A candid conversation is many a times referred to as a "heart-to-heart" talk. Generally, the purpose of being candid in a conversation is to have a clear idea of the discussion in order to achieve a particular task.

It is a way of building rapport as well as confidence with the other person. In an untoward sense, it is also a way of speaking bluntly or even criticizing forthrightly which might sound rude to the other person. Candid generally means to be informal, unbiased and fair with other people. Candid can also mean an ingenuous declaration.
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The candid comedian spoke openly about America's ridiculous obsession with fattening food.
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Candid means frank, blunt, honest, sincere, openly straightforward etc. Check a few sentences by using candid;

He is a good and candid person.
I lost in his candid (openly straightforward) eyes.
I saw a a candid (informal or natural ) photograph.

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