What Does Carbonated Mean?


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To carbonate means to mix or introduce carbonic acid in a substance, especially a liquid.

Sparkling or seltzer water is common words for carbonated water. It is basically carbon dioxide impregnated into plain water. This procedure is known as carbonation. This process results in making carbonic acid (H2CO3).

Initially, soda water could be made at home by giving a "charge" , that is adding carbon dioxide to water in a seltzer bottle. Carbonated water is the same as club soda except that club soda may have extra ingredients like salt, sodium bicarbonate, potassium sulphate etc in small quantities.

The head in beer, bubbles in sparkling wine are all effects of the carbonation process.
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It has long been proven that consumption of carbonated beverages has a direct threat to health, in particular, may cause irritation of the gastric mucosa and as a result, unplanned bout of gastritis. But not everyone knows that the enrichment of water with carbon dioxide - an excellent means of disinfection and preservation thereof. So, the more carbon dioxide in the water, the more doubtful of its original purity. Also artificial carbonation industrial kills all bacteria in the water, including useful, and violates the natural composition of the water! For more side effects of carbonated water you can search in google also where you will find researches carried on mineral water.

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