What Does Carbon Copy Mean?


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A carbon copy means an identical duplicate, mostly of a document, that can be made with the help of carbon paper. Carbon copying was done by inserting carbon sheets in the middle of paper sheets, so that whatever was being typed got copied at the same time.  This process is, however not much in use any more with the advent of printers, photocopying machines etc, except in receipt books that are maintained manually.

It is also used to refer to a human being or thing that is physically similar to another. Someone that is a close likeness of another person can be called his carbon copy. For example "He is a carbon copy of his dad".

In internet usage, carbon copying is a term that is used in E-mail.  It is the same principle, albeit not implemented in the same way. Carbon Copy (Cc) is the process of sending a mail as a duplicate copy as a sign of courtesy. In this case, the receiver is not expected to send a response.

However, this does not mean that they can't, it only means that the mail was purely to keep them updated and in the loop of the information process. Normally, supervisors or team leaders are marked with Cc. One can also send a Bcc, which is not visible to other recipients. (Blind carbon copy).

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