Blood Pressure 115/68 Pulse Rate 95 What Does This Mean?


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A blood pressure reading of 115/68 means your maximum blood pressure is 115 mmHg and minimum is 68 mmHg.

A blood pressure reading, usually carried out by a medical professional, is a measurement of the pressure exerted on the walls of the blood vessels by blood as it circulates around the body. It is normally measured at a point on the patient’s upper arm, on the inside of the elbow at the brachial artery, which is the key artery (or blood vessel) that takes blood away from the heart.

Two main measurements are normally taken, the maximum (known as systolic) and minimum (known as diastolic) pressures, which are expressed in mmHg. These results are then expressed in terms of systolic pressure over the diastolic; so for a normal seated adult, the maximum should vary between around 90 to 120 mmHg, and the minimum between 60 to 79, so a blood pressure reading of 115/68 would appear to be pretty normal.

Of course, measurements for a healthy adult will vary considerably, so always check with your doctor for more details. For more information about blood pressure readings for different adults, see

A pulse rate measurement is the number of times your heart beats in one minute; so a rate of 95 means the heart has beaten 95 times in that measured minute. The healthy heart for an adult will vary quite widely, depending on health, fitness and age, but for example, a healthy adult aged 40 should aim for a heart rate between around 108 and 153, whilst a 60 year old would aim for between 96 and 136.

Whether a pulse rate of 95 is therefore healthy for you would depend on a number of factors, and you should consult your doctor as to the ideal pulse rate for you.
It should be noted that this answer is for information only and does not constitute medical advice. If you are concerned about your health, you should see a medical professional.
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Your blood pressure is good. A normal blood pressure is 120/80. But your pulse is a little high.
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VERY GOOD blood pressure. The heart rate is a little hight the average is 75bpm (beats per minute). 
  • Is there any meds your taking or mutliple meds?
If so I would talk to your main doctor about all these meds and there side effects or check the look them up on the internet.
But if your under a lot of stress do to work, marriage, or just worried about something that could cause it to and I would contact your docter about a med or just something I could do to lower it.
Your bpm could be high do to a clogged arteries or veins, that will make your heart have to work harder (aka a higher bpm)

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