How To Define Race?


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The word race can be defined as the term used to distinguish between one population of species from another or maybe the same species. The most extensively used human racial classes are based on noticeable traits, genes and self-identification.

Commencement of race, as well as precise racial grouping, differ from culture and time and are frequently controversial because of their effect on social identity and identity politics. Legal definition, basic usage and scientific meaning can all be perplexed, and should be carefully used.

A lot of evolutionary and common scientists think common race explanation, or any sort of explanation related to human beings, lack taxonomic firmness and validity.

The most popular and common concept of race is, that of differences that humans have made depending on physical appearance like colour.
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The word "race" can refer to either ethnicity or a sporting event in the former sense it is taken from the French, adapted from the Old French and derived from the Old Italian word "raza" meaning lineage or race. In the later sense the word race can be traced to the Middle English word "ras" and derived from the Old Norse word "ras" meaning "rush" or "running".

In terms of an ethnic concept "race" refers to a local or distinct human population that is distinguished on the grounds of some characteristics of a physical nature that are transmitted genetically. There has been considerable difficulty that scientist and sociologist have had to face concerning the very concept of race, where people are classified based on traits such as skin colour, hair texture, physical build etc.
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Race doesn´t exit, cientists are proving that there is only ONE type of human group (race). And every one but a 5% of the population come from ONE person, from more than 200.000 years ago.

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