How To renew a Harris County Gold Card Online?


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Unfortunately you are unable to renew a Harris County gold card online. However you should have received some documents which need to be filled out and posted back to ensure your Harris County gold card is successfully renewed.

If for some reason you do not have these forms then you can contact the Harris County hospital department on the following number to request a renewal form to be sent.

• 713-566-6509

Otherwise you will have to re-apply. To get a new application form you need to head to:
Then scroll down until you see the 'English PDF' file. You need to click on this and then print it out from your computer. It will then need to be completed and posted to the following address:

HCHD Financial Assistance Program

c/o Patient Eligibility Services Administration

PO BOX 300488

Houston, TX 77230

If you are having difficulties with your form then you can either ring the number provided earlier or you could go down to the offices and ask for their help.

You will need to be sure to attach the following information with your application form:

• Proof of identity of you and any family members you are claiming for
• Proof of address
• Proof of household income of the previous 30 days
• Declare who lives in your household
• Immigration status
• Other health care claims
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how to get harris health system gold card renewal forms?

If you have a website address, I would like to have it.

Thank you

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