How To Obtain A Texas Harris County Gold Card Application?


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In order to obtain a Texas Harris County Gold Card, you will first need to download an application form:

  • Select the language required below
English Spanish Vietnamese
  • Eligibility
In order to prove eligibility for a Texas Harris County Gold Card you will have to indicate proof within the following seven categories:

Personal proof of identification (ID), and proof of ID of family members
Your current residence and proof of continued residence there
Two-months verified proof of income
How many people live in the same house, and who they are
Status of Immigration
Details of any other health care coverage held
Proof of liabilities and resources

  • What is accepted as proof of Identification?
In regards to personal identification and identity of family members then any official state photograph ID will be accepted, as well as wage stubs or foreign state issued identification. Residence can be proven with credit card statements, bank statements or utility bills dated within two months of application, or lease agreement, young children's school records, certification documents from Food Stamps, Medicaid, or Chip, DMV documents, property tax statement, car insurance documents, car registration, IRS or Social Security Administration print-out, social services agency letter, current voter registration card, post office or church records, all dated within the last 12 months.

  • How do I prove my income?
Pay stubs, actual pay checks, and tax forms (W-2); letter confirming wage or salary; 1040 tax form for the current tax year; benefit letters; retirement checks or statements are all valid proofs of verifying your income. More detailed information on how to apply can be viewed on the HCHD website including mailing address and local processing locations.
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You can google Harris county gold card and when the website comes up just look for the pdf version and print it.
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Several of my adult family members need to obtain an Harris County Gold card because they are on a very low income and have health insurance . Where can I pick up an application , and How long does this process take to get approved?
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Is the section called "Source Of Income" to be filled out by everyone in the house hold are just the the applier ?
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ugh looking where i can get me a gold card application. Had one my mother provided.sign it and turn it in at the nearest location.I have a feeling that my application has been thrown away by one of the workers. My mom received hers.its two months later yet i haven't received anything. Yes i read the direction and turned in all the information that's needed. You have to make sure these people have no excuses about your application.

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