What Are The Different General References?


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This depends on what you are looking for as this would usually determine the type of general reference you use. Here are the following types of reference you could use:

  • Dictionary
If you are looking for the meaning of a particular work, the dictionary is going to be one of the most important reference tools you could use. Words are listed in alphabetical order with their meanings. There may even be some example sentences to show you the word used in context. A dictionary can also be a good tool if you need to check the correct spelling of a word.

  • Thesaurus:
Perhaps you have a word in mind but want to use something a little more interesting or less common? A thesaurus is a great tool for finding words with similar meanings. Look up the word you want another word for and voila, you will find a number of options to choose from. When learning another language, looking at a thesaurus can be a great way to build up your vocabulary.

  • Encyclopedia
This is a great reference tool to find out brief overviews, facts and the history of various things such as world events, the lives of celebrities and even inventions. It can be a great tool if you need a lot of information but do not have a lot of time to go looking for different sources.

  • Atlas or globe
This is a great tool to place various locations around the world.

  • The Internet
This is a great tool for all the above mentioned information as you can find all the references at the click of a button. Content is updated regularly too so it is a great up-to-date reference tool. However, not all information on the Internet can be relied upon as anyone can post information online; research or references from a viable source should always be preferred.
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Almanac, atlas, encyclopedia, newspaper, dictionary
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