What Is The Difference Between "Group Think"and "Group Shift"?


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Group think is something that is more in theory. This related to the different pressures that there are in groups and how thoughts and ideas develop and cause different opinions. Group shift is what happens within a group. There may be someone who has more dominate ideas and is more outspoken than other people and therefore they are going to take control of certain ideas over others or someone else who many have done it before.

There is always going to be group think and group shift happening all of the time and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We have all seen it happen and it is a natural turn of events which may sometimes happen and occur without any problems, or sometimes there is going to be some disagreements and therefore arguments are going to be caused.

All you have to do to remember the difference is the with group think it is just that, you are thinking things, you have ideas and views on different things in society and a group is going to think the same things. If there are disagreements within the group these can easily be sorted without there being too many problems. Group shift involved movements within the group and is more active.

Therefore there are going to be changes within the group with are going to cause diversity and differences that the group may not have been used to before. With both of these happening all the time there are always going to be many changes and differences within each and every group that there is, this is just a natural turn of events and cannot be helped. Group shift is sometimes for the better and group think is what is going to keep a group close and collected to one another.

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