What Is The Meaning Of Pfstt?


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PFSTT stands for Physical Fitness Sports Talent Test. It is a combination of assessments you undertake to ascertain your level of fitness. The PFSTT is broken down into four elements: Strength tests, speed and power tests, endurance tests, and flexibility tests. Each of these categories are then broken down into several trials. Here is a rundown of what you can expect.

Strength Tests

• The repetition test - This is the benchmark strength test that all sportspeople use.
• Sit up test - This highlights core power.
• Press up test - Tests your stamina.

Speed and Power Tests

• 30m sprint - The basic test to measure force.
• 30m sprint fatigue - Perfect for high impact sprint sports like lacrosse, soccer and basketball.
• Agility test - Again, great for high impact sprint games.
• Standing long jump - Measures bursts of power.
• Standing Vertical jump - The basic test to measure power bursts.
• Hexagon drill - Gauges speed, dexterity and poise.

Endurance Tests

• The 'Balke' 15 minute run - Indirectly assesses aerobic muscle
• The 'Cooper' 12 minute run - Much the same as the 'Balke' run.
• Shuttle run - Another test for aerobic strength but more suitable for high impact sprint sports.
• The Rockport test - Basic walking test for those who are less energetic.

Flexibility Tests

Reliable flexibility tests are few and far between. A device called a goniometer is used to measure the angle at which you stretch and gauges your flexibility.

• Sit and reach test - The yardstick of all flexibility tests. Measures lower back and hamstring flexibility.
• Trunk rotation test - Measures the 'twist' in your torso.
• Groin flexibility test - As above, but in your groin.

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