What Is The Difference Between Standardisation And Adaptation?


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There is a difference between standardisation and adaptation. These terms are usually used by companies to refer to the way in which they evolve themselves.

The standardisation is a process to maintain methods and equipments as constant as you can. The process can be used in different contexts. A company can use it as a consistent set of procedures to design, administer and to score an assessment. The standardisation process ensures that individuals are being assessed under the same parameters and must not be influenced by different conditions. As a marketing strategy it can be defined as a practice that is uniformly implemented throughout the world.

Adaptation, as name suggests, is to adapt to a new environment for better performance. In business terms, a company adapts itself to the new market by making changes in the strategy to suit well in the local market and adapt the product also to cater to the new market.
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Standardization is actually the process of developing and agreeing upon technical standards globally. This creates uniformity in organizations. An example of Standardization is ISO. ISO has helped standardized processes all around the world. On the other hand adaptation is molding your business to the needs of the local community. An example is chains like Mcdonalds and KFC. They adapt food menu as they travel around the world.

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