How Many Words In English Can You Think Of To Describe Rain?


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There are loads of words and phrases that are used in the English language to describe rain, although not all of them make sense.

The word downpour can be used when the rain is extremely heavy and has been going for quite a lot time. For example, "Did you see the downpour earlier?"

One English phrase for rain that has gained quite a bit of popularity and attention is the phrase "it's raining cats and dogs". This is an English idiom which is most commonly used to describe the weather when it is raining heavily. No one is exactly sure where this strange phrase originated from, however there are several explanations that have been put forward. The first one suggests that drainage systems on 17th century English houses were so poor that they would empty their contents when they got too blocked up during heavy rain, sometimes including the corpses of dead animals that had collected there. There is also the explanation that there is no logical explanation for the phrase 'raining cats and dogs' and that it has simply been used purely because of its nonsensical humor.

Another word that can be used to describe a sudden downpour of heavy rain is a 'torrent' of rain. The word 'pelting' can also be used to describe extremely heavy rain when used in a phrase such as "it's pelting it down!"

A period of rainfall where the rain is extremely light can also be called a "drizzle". Some people claim that this type of rain is worst because according to them it 'really soaks you'.

Another word that is often used to describe rain when it is only raining a few drops or very lightly is "spitting".

Another word used to describe rain that has quite a solid texture is also called "hailstone" and can sometimes be very dangerous especially in places where they reach large sizes.
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Precipitation or precipitate


wet  (as in it's wet out)





condensation or condensate


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