Could You Describe Yourself In 5 Words... Maximum 10 Words!


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I'm honest, creative, smart, unique, charming and modest. That's what people says about me..
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Attractive, honest, caring, trustworthy, educated.
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Passionate about what I believe.
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Loving, caring, man, this is hard, I have never thought about it this deeply, I laugh all the time, love to cook, and I love words. Close enough.
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It's Private Huh
It's Private Huh commented
oh.. we have this kind of questions all the time in our school. so if ever someone asks me, I would have to repeat the same answer.. wouldn't take a bit of the time =PP
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Jo W. answered
Sensitive, caring, honest, helpful, loving, short-tempered, understanding and a great baker and cook are just a few of my attributes, and not necessarily in that order!
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mai Vang answered
You know when they said you can't find atleast 3 words to describe yourself, it means you haven't found the inner you. But anyways, it's hard for me to describe myself, I usually go by what ppl tells me(the positive ones).
They've told me that I am a good listener, I know how to make clarification of things, good adviser, trustworthy of secrets, and always being there.
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I would simply say "I am Life-Translation Of my real name into English".
And, Life is...You know what is Life like-I am same like that!
Take a Life Styled HUG!

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You know this could have several different answers depending on my mood at the moment!....In general though---nice, friendly, private, creative and loving.
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Awesome, intelligent, loving, schizophrenic....

honest, trustworthy, respectful, hopeful, dreamer....

Yeah I had to use all ten I would have used like fifty if you let me and the rest of my personalities get away with it l.o.l.....:)

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hey it‘s saffin I would describe myself as friendly =] , sometimes quiet at school, gobby , nice, . There you go friendly . =]
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Enthusiastic , passionate , constructive , ambitious , creative , confident , innovative , optimistic ,dynamic and determined

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