Explain What Empathy Means And Why It Is Important With Regard To Resolving Cultural Misunderstanding?


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Empathy is the act of putting yourself in someone's shoes, envisioning yourself in their situation. By doing so, you can begin to imagine what they're going through, and work toward a solution not from the perspective of an outsider, but as one genuinely affected. This makes it easier to be fair and to work through the problem thoroughly, which leads to a more complete resolution of misunderstandings than mere sympathy could induce.
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Empathy is when you can endure something to understand someone's pain and it important to resolving cultural misunderstanding because hopefully the person with empathy can relate and understand where the person is coming from.
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It's kinda like being at one with somone or something seeing what see and feeling what they do almost living your life like them for today and it's important in cultural misunderstanding as if we were to spend a day in an alternate lifestyle and culture we would ahve far more better understanding for them and give thema chance instead of tarring evreyone with the same brush (:
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Empathy is seeing it from the other persons point of view. Putting urself in their shoes.   to cultural understanding. I.e. Starving ppl in africa  imagine being one and feeling grateful tht ppl elsewhere care enough to help you and your family and friends.  
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Empathy doesn't mean just having mercy or pity; it is a feeling that matches with the other person's; it's some kind of emotion that happens in two people mutually as if come from nature; this is, you look at one and find out that he/she would think, feel and act probably like you; it includes natural affinity, concord; it includes pure understanding, appreciation, community of interests, comprehension, good reciprocal vibrations, responsiveness, soul insights for communion, warmth. So whereas sympathy 'translates' the stimulation in one person of feelings that the other notices like having inside even at first sight or not, empathy shows deeper 'emotional interchange' of thoughts, ideas, wishes and feelings; that's why it's excellent to resolve cultural (too) misunderstanding, as you don't see the other as a diverse one, but say, although he/she is different of you as an entity, he/she's basically the same in interior and general structure - physical features or material points not being concerned - and 'someway' he/she's like 'connected to you' since ever, from nowhere. - Get it?

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