I Want To Know If Anyone Died In My House How Do I Get That Information?


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To determine whether or not someone has perished in your home before you moved in, there are number of solutions in order to discover if there are any strange entities. Firstly you may want to look at expert paranormal experts. They will have the opportunity to come into your home and examine whether or not someone lived there previously and if there is a spirit still remaining in the household.
They will be able to recognise if anyone has lost their life previously and they can tell you anything from what their former profession is to what they might have done and the manner in which they entered the spirit world. This is however not 100 per cent full proof.
You can also go to a library in your local area that has a lot of genealogical information. This may be of benefit as they may be able to trace back personal records and date depending on how old the house is. You can trace the people that have lived there either by address or name. Once you have done that, you can determine if they died in your city/county.
One such site for this is and see if they are listed there. But any recorded death before 1955, this site would not be much of a help. You can also look up older death records at the courthouse or at a genealogical library that holds the records on microfilm.
Once you obtain a date, you can attempt to look up the obituaries at the library on microfilm. If that does not lead to any conclusion then you can request a place of death from the courthouse, city hall, or health department.
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Actually, there's a website that will help you look up whether someone died in your house.

It's called

It may sound like a rather strange business idea, but actually there are two main reasons this service is pretty useful:

  1. If you or someone living in the house believes in ghosts, then this may help them unearth the identity or source of any potential hauntings
  2. If you're looking to buy or sell property, this might be a relevant piece of information.

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Please note that BY LAW they have to disclose to you if someone died in your house.  I did not buy a house because the previous owner had dropped dead at 40 in the living room.  Got a bad vibe and I followed up with that question and FREAKED my Realtor out because yes someone did die.  Now the house I live in now, same situation. Got a weird vibe asked our new Realtor (different area) and she said in 20 years she had never been asked. Turns out, yes, older man passed  away in his sleep. I could deal with that, so we bought it.  Remember to ask your Realtor before you buy OR call your old Realtor up and ask them to find out for you.  They have the ability to get that information.

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You should know how old is the house and how many people have lived there before your family. And also know that if anyone ever die in the house and if so then what was the reason. There could be many reasons.
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HI. My name is gabby and I am an eleven year old psychic. When I was little my aunt heard me say things that I don't even know. She thinks I am an old soul. An old soul is someone or something that has lived here before, and has come back as someone or something else. We used to live on this green house on Devils Green Rd. I used to talk to and about this man name Chester Hacketts. I don't know him but along time ago there were these people who owned my house and 3 people I think killed them selves in it. So one day my dad finds some of chester's things and gives them to the rest of chester's family. Well, chester didn't like that very much and did some very bad things to me and my family. I don't know how to deal with all of this but it looks like I'll have to for the rest of my life. I like my gift but it gets to out of hand sometimes.
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This is absolutely nothing but a mere thought. You might be afraid that s someone is present in your house or that the things are falling but believe me there is nothing wrong with your house and no one is dead. To satisfy this dilemma, you can ask a friend or a relative of your s to come and stay with you.
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Well you can find this record from you local police station. However, in my opinion, there may be some spirits and evils living in your house before you came and now you either have to consult with some Muslim Scholar or you have to leave the house. These things will not let you feel at ease at any time.
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Shannon Benedetto
I want to know the same thing.. My name is Shannon i have had very weird things happen at my home in Trenton.. For one my daughter is a preemie.. So she was sent home with an apnea machine.. One morning we woke up after playing with a ouija board. And her monitor was turned off and the wires were off of her body over her clothes.. And we put it on her every night...i am very worried taking the time to read... Shannon
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It's difficult but you can do it. You have to go to the office of deeds and records and see who all the previous owners were, then get their death certificates to see where they died.

Does it really matter? Ghosts can't hurt you nearly as much as the living can.
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Well my house is 73 years old.. In a quite city,,, I seen a lil girl in a night gown... And want to know why I see her and why I dream of her... My friend and brother seen her a while back too ... N my aunts boyfriend seen a shadow of a lil girl yesterday and he told me... I just want to see if someone can help me I want to know what happened in my house.
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If you see a "ghost" pay attention to their feet.  If they have them then they are a ghost that has not crossed over yet and are still bound to the earth.  If you talk to them then you can help them pass.  If you see a ghost with no feet that is a spirit that has already gone to the other side but can travel back and forth.  I have spirits that have followed me through several life times.  I have also studied that if it is a house ghost, sometimes asking permission to be the homes temporary guardian can put them at ease.
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I used an Ouija Board to obtain further information on the current spirit of a little boy who is in my house, just be careful if you decide to go that route. And signs that you may have a ghost, spirit, shadow or poltergiest is, very cold areas, hearing something breathing, things moving by themselves, seeing a figure run by, hearing laughter or voices. I have mostly dealt with this one certain poltergeist, who seems to follow me wherever I go now, so I'm doing more research on how to help it cross over. You can find out who lived in your home before you, and find out if anybody died there, you would be amazed at all the stuff you can find out just by doing a little research!
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Go to the Real Estate company where you have purchased or plan on purchasing this home by law they must give you a full disclosure of what has happened on that property.So you know everything before you close the deal.
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You should be able to find out with city records, and you can also have a seance. That might help you out. But no ouija board though.
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Although it is not a proven fact there are no such thing as ghosts, people seem to discount those who believe.  My suggestion is to contact a local ghost hunting group to have an investigation in your home.  There are many scientific tools they can use to give you either A. Evidence of a haunting or B. A scientific reason for the feelings you are experiencing.  Old wiring, or faulty wiring can cause all kinds of feelings of being watched or trapped.  Please do your research before you just think it's all in your head!

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