What Does The Name Tobias Mean?


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The name Tobias came from a Hebrew word and the meaning of the word is 'God is good'. It's a Biblical name and taken from the Old Testament. It was the author Tobias Wolff, who was responsible for the revival of the name in the19th century.

The name is usually given to boys and has 14 different variants. Few of them are as follows: Thobey, Thobie, Tobia, Tobin, Thoby, Tobey, Tobyn, Toby, Tobit, Tobie, Tobiah, Tobe and Tobi.

Tobias is not very common name, but as a surname it is quite popular. Its rank in the male names is 1013 out of 1219 in the1990 census of the US, but its rank among surnames is 2687 out of 88799 people in the same census and it conveys the popularity of the word as a surname.

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