What Is Pilosopo In English?


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The literal English translation of the word Tagalog word pilosopo means 'philosopher'. A philosopher is either someone who is qualified in the subject of philosophy or a person who seeks further knowledge and wisdom about the world

However, in the context of the Tagalog language the word has grown to mean something quite different. The word pilosopo refers to a person who is sarcastic and believes they are smarter and wittier than everyone else. In other words, it is somewhat of a derogatory term who believes that they are something more special than they actually are.

  • There is quite a contrast between cultures

The English definition of the word is quite a way away from the meaning in Tagalog culture. Nevertheless, this is what happens to language as time goes on. Gradually, the words undergo what is known as semantic change. This is where something changes to the meaning of the word.

In this case, the word philosopher has gone through a process of pejoration. This is when a word that originally had quite a positive meaning, like being a wise and caring philosopher has come to be a derogatory term for somebody who thinks they are better than everyone.

  • Don't make literal translations without verifying first

What makes this very interesting is that it has occurred over a barrier of two languages. So although it translates literally to a word in the English language that has a positive meaning, their interpretation of the word in their native language does not necessarily relate to our definition of the literal translation.

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