I've Been Having Deja Vu' Lately. What Does That Mean?


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From what I have read and believe...means your doing what your supposed to be doing..your on the right path in life..
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Its your spirits way of telling you you are doing the right things in life like this is what you are supposed to do.
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I think everyone has deja vous sometimes some more than others. Sometimes people have dreams and in those dreams they see the future even if it's just the next day.  If your just sitting there one day and realize that you've seen, heard or done this before than you know what it is.  Deja Vous can let you see things you would rather not but sometimes theres nothing you can do about it. If you realize it's deja vous and you know what's coming next than you are very in tune with your psychic ability, if you know something bad is coming then try to change it.  Don't be afraid.  It's scary sometimes but you learn to use it well.  I've had deja vous and other gifts my entire life and if I've learned anything it's to trust it and go with it.
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Many people have deja vu. It can be scary in our science driven culture where we are taught to be skeptical about supernatural experiences.  They usually come in dreams then later the dream is played out in real life.  There is nothing wrong with you. Relax and enjoy the fact you have a gift that others don't.
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Please don't worry - this is a very common phenomenon. I've experienced it and so have millions of others. It's to do with a mismatch in the way the brain registers information, but there is still a lot to find out about exactly how it works. You can find an overview herewww.howstuffworks.com

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