What Does 240 Triglycerides In A Blood Test Mean?


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The triglyceride is one kind of mixture, is composed of three fatty acids and glycerine. The triglyceride has composed the major part animal and the vegetables fat, is in the blood flow the main lipin. The triglyceride and the protein union, may compose the highly concentrated lipoprotein (HDL, beneficial cholesterol) and low concentration lipoprotein (LDL, harmful cholesterol). The triglyceride content which meets one's satisfaction regarding adult blood in is, every 1/10 liters blood contain 200 milligrams triglycerides
    240 Triglycerides  mean a bit high. In the blood the triglyceride content may reduce through the diet. The fat content is low, the alcohol content is low and the sugar content low diet can reduce in the blood the triglyceride content. The massive edible fruits, the vegetables and grain class food can reduce in the blood the triglyceride content, reduces the heart disease's risk

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