I Have Low Segs Levels In My Blood Test, What Does This Mean?


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Your SEG levels are part of your white blood cell count, and there are five different types of these cells, each with its very own function that protects us from disease and infection. SEG levels are also known as PMNs, granulocytes, grans, but they are more commonly known as Neutrophils and they are said to be the most abundant type of white blood cell in healthy adults. In fact, up to 70% of our white blood cells are made up of neutrophils.
There are many reasons Segs levels can be low, but without knowing the level number, it can be hard to tell, as a lot of the time, if Segs levels are slightly low but the rest of the full blood count is returned as healthy, there is absolutely no cause for concern. If the number falls below a certain point, a doctor may want to investigate.
Infection is one of the reasons Segs/Neutophil levels can fall low, especially when pus forms and manages to get into the blood stream. Other common reasons are lack of vitamin b12 or folic acid, certain medications, certain heart problems, and autoimmune disorders.
More severe reasons the Segs levels are low can be because of enlargement of the spleen, damage to the bone marrow, and Neutropenia, which can be caused by Leukemia. Please bear in mind though, that for these types of causes, the Segs levels are usually exceptionally low before a Doctor or practitioner is concerned and even suspects the more severe causes. These causes are far less common too.
Usually, if a full blood count is returned as a healthy result, with the only level stated as slightly low being Segs, the patient is granted a clear bill of health and there is no need for further testing or concern.
If you are concerned about anything, please contact your doctor.

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