What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Scrub?


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The term 'scrub' is used to describe someone who acts as if they have everything but in actual fact they have nothing. It can also be used to refer to another person who is believed to be inferior. Typically they follow a lifestyle that is considered to make them a 'lesser' person. Often this means that they have no job, no car, no partner and no money. They will depend solely on the charity of their friends and family but do not make any effort to earn the money themselves. They are often loners with no social life and may be drug users with no success in their romantic pursuits. People who are referred to as scrubs often have never been enrolled at school and if they have, they are failing.

The term had an increase in popularity after the release of the TLC single 'No Scrubs', a song about a girl with a boyfriend who is a scrub. The song was TLC's third number one single and eighth top ten single on the Billboard Hot 100. 'No Scrubs' remained at number one in the charts for four weeks and stayed in the top ten for 17 consecutive weeks. Within the Rhythmic Top 40, the single has the record for the longest consecutive stay at number one, reaching a total of 15 weeks. The single led to the group receiving a second Grammy nomination and was the second best selling single of 1999.  Within the United Kingdom, New Zealand and the United States, the single went platinum.

'Scrubs', as a noun, is the term used to describe the shirts, trousers and gowns that are worn by doctors and nurses when 'scrubbing in' for surgery. They were introduced to hospitals as simple items of clothing that are easy to launder, have minimal places for dirt to hide and are cheap to replace if they become stained or contaminated.
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You mean a scrubber. It means a cheap common person one who would sleep with anyone. It says you are only good for brushing up dirt.
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It means to have sex with every one that wants to have sex with you and you don't really care.
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The word to scrub is a verb. To scrub is defined as to clean with hard rubbing. It also means to wash thoroughly. Scrub, when used as a noun, refers to dense vegetation which consists of stunted trees or bushes. It is also defined as the act of cleaning a surface, such as that of a floor, by rubbing it with a brush, soap and water.

To scrub is a colloquial term which means to cancel (something) or to postpone (something) indefinitely or to annul something which was scheduled to take place. When a domestic animal is not selectively bred, it is said to be a scrub.

In the terminology of fighting games, a scrub is defined as a player who loses the game. This is because he refuses to use certain characters who he feels are not powerful enough or techniques because he feels they will make the game less interesting.

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