What Does Elevated Alt Mean?


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Is your Alt more than 3 times the normal limit? If so then your doctor will probably want to do a liver Biopsy. Alt is a liver enzyme. It is not normally found in the peripheral blood stream. When there is liver damage then ALT is spilled out into the blood. The most common cause of an elevated ALT is hepatitis (viral, alcoholic, drug induced) It can also be elevated by clinical shock and drug toxicity. Excessive consumption of fast foods (really), overdosing of tylonal , and fatty liver disease in extremely obese people will show an elevated ALT. When ever your doctor tells you that you have an elevated, increased, decreased, abnormal ANYTHING, make sure you ASK exactly what he means. Don't leave that exam room until you are absolutely sure what is going on with you. It's your health, you have the right to know whats happening. Most people are afraid to ask their doctor questions, but your doctor won't mind answering all your questions. Call him as soon as you can and ask him what he suspects is wrong with your liver. Good Luck..I hope this helped.
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It depends on which strain of Hepatitis.... Hepatitis simply means liver inflammation. HAV is contracted by contact with food or water that is contaminated by the feces of an infected person. HBV is contracted by sexual contact with an infected person or from mother to unborn baby. HCV is contracted by use of infected needles and usually shows no early symptoms. HDV is also contracted from another infected person or by infected needles, however you must have HBV currently to contract HDV. Like HAV, HEV is contracted through infected food or water, but it is not common in the United States, and is usually contracted when visiting countries where HEV has a high rate of infection.
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There could be be many things going on with your liver.... I would ask your doctor to explain and what plans he or she has in trying to correct that! I know mine was elevated due to a bad or sick gallbladder and they had to remove it! Good Luck God Bless!
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I have a alt of 71 and glucose of 122. I had my gall bladder taken out awhile ago like 13yrs ago. I am alittle scared of this whole thing , what could this be!!

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