What Does High Alt And Ast Results Mean?


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High ALT and AST means there is likely some sort of liver damage - this might be caused by a number of diseases or conditions.

 If you are suffering from high ALT and AST, this can be a sign of hepatitis, either viral hepatitis, or Hepatitis A or C.

However, before we jump to conclusions, here's what you need to know:

What high ALT and AST readings can tell you

The ONLY thing you can read into from this result is that there is some abnormal liver enzyme activity. As mentioned above, it may be a result of liver damage... it could even be cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Muscle damage around the liver may also trigger these symptoms.

So my advice for what you should do next is to seek a full clinical examination. As with many conditions, the answer is not in one single test result, but rather a full set of results where the clinician can piece the clues  together to make an accurate diagnosis.

At this point, you have no cause for alarm - and simply need to seek further medical advice and treatment.

Most likely, you will need to undergo a Coagulation panel (prothrombin time or PT, and international normalized ratio or INR test).

This will give the doctor more to go on, and will provide a more accurate diagnosis of liver functions.

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ALT is alanine
aminotransferase which is a liver enzyme. Also secreted by kidney, heart and skeletal muscles. Their levels are measured to know the liver function. The normal range in male is 10-32 nad in female is 9-24. The high levels of ALT indicate liver damage. A level above 50 tell viral infection of liver. AST is
aminotransferase. Its levels are measured to know the liver diseases and recent heart attack. The normal range is 8-20. High levels indicate liver damage and very high levels indicate heart attacks.
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U say very high levels. Indicate heart attack????.....plz could u give me an idea of a high ALT count of the liver?
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