What Does Suspended Unemployment Mean?


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The term suspended unemployment is used to describe a claim for benefits which has been cancelled; this status is usually applied when the claimant isn't eligible for unemployment benefit.

The reason why unemployment benefits might be suspended is specific to each individual, so if this situation applies to you, it'd make sense to contact your local unemployment benefits authority for information.

The eligibility for benefits can vary from country to country, or state to state, but as a general guide I've made a list of some of the more common criteria required for a successful employment benefit claim.

Employment benefit criteria

  • You must be unemployed, or be working limited hours
  • You must be ready to work right away
  • You must be 18 years old or over
  • You will need to be a resident in the country you're claiming in
  • You must be looking for work
  • You must not be a student
  • If you have a partner, their earning will also be taken into consideration
  • If you have a a large amount of savings, these may also affect your claim

You can find out more information about unemployment benefits online, usually on your local authority's website.

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