It's A C#program. What Does This Actually Mean Static Void Main(string[] Args). What Will It Do?


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If you execute the program from the command line with a word after the program name like this: "exampleprogram Fred" the program will respond with "hello,Fred" and on the second line it will print: "welcome to csharp station tutorial!"

As far as "static void Main(string[] args)" means:

* "static" means that this method may be called without creating a new instance of the class
* "void" means that this method does not return a result
* "string[] args" means that the method receives an argument named "args" that is comprised of an array of strings
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The C program has the basic function of "void main" it is a programming for C language the other codes in C program you've mentioned will write the lines after you execute your instructions as follows on the screen " Hello Welcome to c sharp station tutorial!"

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