What Does Code (po730)incorrect Gear Ratio Mean For A 97 E320?


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The code which you have indicates a transmission problem. Since there isn't a warning MIL for the transmission, the engine management control module is used. If the transmission is shifting in the proper way, clear the code. If the problem reoccurs, take it in for service.

Possible causes include a problem with internal transmission, in which case remove the transmission oil pan and inspect for excessive debris. Also it is essential to check whether the oil filter is plugged and blocked. It could also be a transmission mechanical problem, and so when examined, do pay attention to all power and ground circuits.

A 1997 Mercedes E320 is notoriously very expensive to service, so care must be taken to diagnose the problem(s) and follow the steps in the car manual and have regular maintenance tests. Check online for the best prices for used vehicles.

The car runs on 217 horsepower and has a spacious interior. The 1997 Mercedes-Benz E-Series is available in three models, including the E320. The sedans were manufactured in Sindelfingen, Germany, with a new standard five speed automatic transmission. The transmission has a second reverse gear for winter conditions.

For 1997, all exterior paints are environmentally safe. The E300D and E320 sedans won the 1996 BOVY (Best Overall Value) award for Luxury cars. The E320 won the 1994-95 BOVY award for luxury models over $40,000 and the 1995 Best Import Car Value over $13,000. Mercedes is a reliable car brand and a great performance vehicle for all drivers.

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