What Nationality Is The Surname, Disick?


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The last name, Disick, is not associated with any particular geographic location, although the way it is spelled would suggest it is derived from a Western European root - most likely British, Irish, or Germanic.

The last name, Disick
I'm sorry to say that not much is known about the name Disick at all! In fact, until the rise to fame of the American socialite Scott Disick, there is hardly any mention of the name ever being used.

This leads me to conclude that the name is probably a derivative of a similar-sounding name, and that it most likely originates from somewhere in Western Europe.

Taking Scott Disick's genealogy into consideration (it is suggested that his family tree is based in the 'Hamptons' area of Long Island, New York) it is more than likely that his last name can be traced to British colonial settlers - who would have come to the area some time after 1664.

Another possibility is that the Di- prefix in the name Disick is actually an evolution of an Italian, French and Spanish preposition, meaning 'of'.

Last names that begin with 'di', 'da', or 'de' are often followed by a place name (as in Da Vinci - where Vinci is a town in Tuscany, Italy).

To add to the confusion, Scott Disick reveals during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that he is of Jewish descent. This would suggest that the name Disick is of Hebrew origin.

However, many Jews who immigrated to the United States chose to adopt a new last name for fear of political persecution.
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My grandmothers maiden name is dissick, she was born dec 21 1894

in ukraine, jewish, from a small village called zvinagarudka (sp?)

I thought no one else had that name as it was her and 4 sisters..

maybe im related to this guy

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Faeroe islands.

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