What's A Good Nickname For Someone Called Kyle?


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A nickname for a person called Kyle shouldn't be too hard to find. The obvious choice would be to use a name that starts with the letter K: Something like K-dawg or K9 would have 'street cred'.

Less 'ghetto' names include things like King Kyle, Kylo, Ky, Kai, or simply K.

Nicknames for Kyle Another option would be to use names associated with celebrity Kyles.

For example, you could use the nickname 'Boller' in homage to the Oakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller (although I don't know how you'd feel about being named after someone who's dated Tara Reid).

Kyle Gass is another celebrity Kyle who you might want to emulate. He forms one half of the spoof-rock group Tenacious D, although he also abbreviates his name to KG - an idea you might want to adopt.

Alternatively, you could take the 'K' from Kyle and add it to the first letter of your surname to come up with a cool double letter nickname.

If you've got a middle name, then that's even better! For example, my full name is Robin Peter Burden, so my nickname would be RPB.

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