Did You Have A Nickname At School, And If So How Did You Get It?


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I'm called 'Tommy' by my friends at school...although I'm actually a girl,hard to believe,eh? :) One day my friends and I were talking about how cute Tom Felton(the guy who plays Malfoy in the HP movies) is...I started formulating a story as to how one of my friends, who has a big crush on this guy would finally get to meet him...I can't exactly remember what happened next...but one thing led to another and the next thing I knew people had started calling me Tommy.Even now when I go out with my friends,they call me Tommy,and I have to bear the suspicious looks strangers give me...Weird,huh ? :)
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Yes I had nickname in school. It is 'Sahaili' in our native language which means 'Friend'. I got this name because it is very similar to my real name. My teacher first started to call me with this name and later on I found that many of my relatives also liked to call me with this name. I am still known by this name and it is very easy to pronounce by everyone.
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Suhail Ajmal
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Padraiq thanks for asking. It is Urdu Language. Sa hail e is the right pronunciation of the word.
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What a lovely nickname to be given - that of "friend". Good for you, zuhail. :)
Katarzyna Guernsey
hey Sahaili,that is a very sweet nick name and I am sure it reflects of how they think of you:)
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I've had loads of nicknames. Mainly Lou or Louish-Ann (sometimes Louish for short) from my best friend Cherie who I've known nearly all my life. Louiseey's one too for my friend Nichola (Nicholee), Kyle (Kelly) and myself..we went through a phrase of calling each other those names!
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Hello Ocko!
I have always been so envious of people who were given nicknames in their youth--often endearing ones that implied a level of comaraderie and acceptance by the group giving or using the name. Of course, I realize nicknames can also be cruel, which I never envied.

For a short time, people called me "haystack", which is a derivative of my maiden name. It was more a name-calling than a nickname of endearment, so it wasn't so pleasant. It was popular for a year in elementrary school :(

In my adulthood, I was given the name of Dr. Seuss-- (my first name is Susan) which is meant to be a humorous and playful allusion to the author's books, my first name, and my profession. Much better than childhood! :)
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patrick mc mullan
in my first childrens ward working as a nurse i got doctor tickles from the kids. later in my role as santa clause i got paddy clause. it makes me smile to recall those days.
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I had a very nickname tyson, it was named after my presence I mean I used to be look fat, of course I am fat now also loll.
1 year back I got a new nickname called SADA which means "always" in my mother tongue
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I don't know? I think Tommy is a cute name for a girl. I know a girl named Thomasina who gets Tommy. :)
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Yep...Mine is my screen name...Kaeisha...my best friends mom gives every1 a name that is our"ghetto" as she calls it...every1 loves that name so that's what they all started calling me.
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I first started off with everyone calling me by mi real name. Then one day mi frend started callin me Nali. So it went from  mi best frend callin me that to all mi frend and even the peopl I don't lik. Evan mi teachers call me that. Mi frend picked Nali for me because her nickname is Negrita. So now I'm known everywere as Nali.
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My nickname is JaDoWw.14 years on and some of my old claSSMATES STILL CALL ME BYE IT.

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