My Wbc Blood Test Is Normal But My Lymph Test Is High And Neut Test Is Low What Does This Mean?


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If the Wbc has a normal blood test. What does LYMPH% - Adnormal 39 - L, MOMO% Adnormal 49 - H, EOS%  - Adnormal 10 mean.
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Have you  ben tested for mono? Your lymphocytes can be high for many reasons ,you can have an infection or a virus.
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I just got back my results and i am particularly healthy but for my "auto" my neut% is too high and my lymphs too low.. What does this signify? It says normal neut is 49.0 to 80.0 and my number was 45.7 LOW Lymph normal between 12,0 40.0 my number was HIGH, but not by much but on the high end 41.8. What does this mean?

Also my direct Bili was out of range at 0.4 high normal is 0.3... Also imature grans for neuts was also LOW.. To the extreme... Hope you can give me answers.

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