What Nationality Is The Name Kardashian?


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Kardashian is definitely an Armenian name. But since there are Armenians in lots of different countries around the world, people with this surname can be of different nationalities but are all Armenian in origin. Kardashian has two different meanings. First of all the "ian" at the end means "belonging to that family". As for the word Kardash, it has two different meanings. In Armenian 'Kardash" can be written with 2 different letters for the sound of the "K", and each spelling has a different meaning. So Kardash written Քարտաշ in Armenian means stone mason and Kardash written Գարտաշ in Armenian comes from the turkish word kardesh and it means brother.
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Kardaş = "sibling" in Turkish
It does not being son or brother. It literally means "a person of the same abdomen/belly" meaning "sibling". The two roots of the word kardaş are "karın" which means "belly or abdomen" and "daş" which is Persian for "person/individual". The "ian" or "yan" endings in Armenian are simply suffixes indicating "son of". When Armenians migrated to the USA, they spelled the letter "ş" which is Turkish as "sh" which is how it sounds. Now if Armenians want to claim the name stands for "stonemason offspring" then well that's just great. No surprise there as they try to disassociate with anything that is Turkish.
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It belongs to Armenia.
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Kardashian is an ermenian name. The ending -ian means "the son of". I don't speak armenian, but I speak turkish and in turkish "kardash" means "brother"/ "younger brother". So Kardashian could probably mean "The son of (my) brother" :) But I don't know for sure.
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You are correct. The "ian" ending in all Armenian names means "son of". Kardashian means son of a stone mason.
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Turkish, but used throughout the Balkan region and also in Greece.
Remember that the Mongolian horde went far and wide into Europe.
Remnants of ancient Turkic words have become embedded across this

Kardesh (spelled phonetically) = karin (stomach or womb)
and dash = (stone). In ancient times (before Turks took up the faith of
Islam and still believed in Shamanism) the concept of friendship was a
serious matter. Due to battles and feuds ancient Turks believed in two
kinds of 'friends'. Both needed to be solid as a rock, as in battle you
couldn't turn your back on just anyone. The person who would in today's
police slang 'had your back' had to be in some ways closer than a blood

Hence, it would be
either your sibling who your have shared the same womb with (karin-dash)
or a blood brother (Kan-kardash). Most 'friends' = arka (back/ behind)
dash (stone) translates to someone you could trust, turn your back on
  and be solid and trustworthy as rock in battle.

down the line in Kim's family tree there is a Turkish influence OR her
ancestors had to Turkify their name. It's not uncommon to see Turkish
influences in Armenian names. They won't admit to it because they'd
rather die than do that, but any Turk can see it.

Check out these Turkish Armenian names:

  • Hayko Tataryan, traditional / folk singer ('Tatar' meaning of the Tatar turks)
  • Nubar Terziyan, actor ('Terzi' meaning seamstress)
  • Anta Toros, actress (meaning 'Taurus')
  • Onno Tunç, musician ('Tunch' meaning bronze)
  • Arto Tunçboyacıyan, musician (brother of Onno Tunç and this time 'Tuncboyaci' translates to 'bronze

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The people who are saying that Kardashian is an Armenian name (which it is), and that "kardash" means "stonemason" in Armenian (which apparently it does), and that THEREFORE the name must mean something like "son of my brother" because "kardash" is "sibling" in Turkish (!) are being wildly and absurdly illogical. 

If the name is Armenian and the root is Armenian, the intelligent conclusion is that the meaning is the ARMENIAN one, not a Turkish one. It's a linguistic coincidence that there is a similar word in Turkish but it's a leap into absurdity to conclude that the Armenian name's meaning depends on that Turkish word--ALL THE MORE SO when the Armenian meaning points to a profession, which IS, after all, what surnames typically refer to. "Armenian son of my sibling-in-Turkish"? Could you be more ridiculous?

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