Although Everyone Has Their Own Views, What Does "Misery Needs Company" Mean To You?


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It means that if I'm not happy then no one will be happy. I know someone like this.... She is so unhappy with her own life that it pours off of her to whom ever is near.
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It means that some people when they are miserable or unhappy they hate to see someone else seem happy or not having issues or a bad day,I know people like that they will do anything to give you reason to complain and that is because they are miserable or unhappy and a lot of time the thing they they are complaining about is nothing. Growing up my mother use to tell us if you think you have a problem, look at your neighbor and not the person or people next door,other countries etc.
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People feel more comfortable with people in the same situations and moods. And it's easier to get out when there is someone there fighting with you.
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Humans are social beings and take great comfort when they are not exposed to danger all by themselves...they rightly or wrongly feel security is provided in proportion to the number of others that are in their immediate area. More eyes and more ears as well as more experience provides a lessening of anxiety.

With that said, no one wants to be the very lonely, single, all by themselves object of focussed attention or exposed to
danger. They do not want to face extreme danger or death all by their lonely. They must wish to die with company and not alone!

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