What Is The Origin Of Name For Boron?


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The name Boron has been derived from the Arabic word 'buraq', which signifies its principal ore borax.
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The name of boron comes from two elements; borax and carbon
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The name 'boron' is attributed to a chemical element that has the atomic number five. The word can trace derivation in the Arabic language where the original word was 'buraq' that conveys the idea of white. The colour of boron, which is white, endorses the origin of the word.

Boron is considered as one of the simplest of atoms and only few of the elements like hydrogen, helium, lithium and beryllium are simpler than boron. The element can be find naturally and when we talk about its nuclear property it has no relationship with its chemistry.

When somebody is using the word as his name or surname it may be concerned with the colour of the skin of the person or it might be possible that when Arabs would have seen the white people they would have used the word to describe the colour of their skin and the word had been originated from there.

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