What Is A Djinn?


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A Djinn is the Arabic equivalent of a Genie. It is pronounced Jinn or Jinnie and is a mythological deity with high powers. The Djinn is concealed from the outside world and invisible to humans but is considered to live in a beautiful palace with a beautiful wife and hundreds of beautiful children. Djinn's are very much taller than humans but they are kind and offer eternal happiness to those who help them. Djinn's do not talk to humans. I recently read a story about an old lady who oversaw all the births in her little village, she was very old and had been overlooking births since as far back as she could remember and would go out at any time of the day or night. One night when she was fast asleep she was awakened by a Djinn who silently whisked her away to his palace and brought her to his very pregnant wife. The wife proceeded to give birth to 6 beautiful children and to thank the little old woman for what she had done the Djinn family showered her with golden coins, eternal fruit and a gift of the lady Djinn's golden necklace.

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