How Do You Say 9:45 P.m. In Spanish?


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There are two different ways to say the time 9.45 pm in Spanish. 

The first is to say the hour plus the minutes so nine forty five would be said:

"Son las neuve y cuarenta y cinco".

Alternatively, you could say "it is a quarter to ten", so you would say the following (which means fifteen minutes to ten in English):

"Son las diez menos cuarto"

How to ask the time in Spanish

To ask the time in Spanish you would say:

"Que hora es?"

Different times of day

To indicate that it is 9.45 pm in the evening you would add the word "noche" so the full sentence would read:

"Son las neuve y cuarenta y cinco de la noche"

For 9.45 am you would write (or say):

"Son las neuve y cuarenta y cinco de la mañana" De la mañana is in the morning"

How to tell the time in Spanish

The video below gives a good understanding of how to tell the time in Spanish.

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