What Is The Celtic Symbol For Passion?


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The Celtic symbol for passion is the southern quarter on the equal armed cross. The cross is said to have special meaning to societies and spiritual belief systems. To the Celts, the equal armed cross was a symbol of the four quarters. The southern quarter represented vitality, passion, strength and summer. The northern quarter was said to represent wisdom, stability, death and winter, whilst the eastern quarter represented knowledge, learning, youth and spring. The western quarter stood for intuition, emotion, inner knowledge and autumn (Fall). The current Christian version of the cross is said to be a combination of two crosses; the Egyptian Ankh, and the equal armed cross. Other well known Celtic symbols include trinity, five-fold, single spiral and triple spiral. The symbol of trinity has a myriad of meanings. It can signify the lunar and solar phases, as well as pertaining to the three Bridgits. Bridgit is a powerful goddess who embodies three aspects: Art, healing and metalsmithing. Circles are commonly drawn around Celtic symbols to represent spiritual unity with the divine. The triple spiral represents female power and power through transition and growth, whilst the single spiral represents ethereal energy. It can also symbolise growth, birth and the expansion of consciousness. The five-fold symbol is five intertwining circles that all represent different elements. The four outer circles represent earth, fire, water and air, whilst the circle in the center represents a unification of all four energies. The actual meaning of the Celtic symbols is mainly made up of supposition, as there are no known written records that specify their meanings. The supposition could be accurate, though, as most of it comes from authorities and historians of Celtic culture.
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Equal armed cross was a symbol representing four dimension,North, south, east and west, along with other feelings and traits.
One of the four arms of this cross (representing south) was the symbol of vitality, passion, strength and summer.
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Celtic or Gaelic is one of the oldest languages in history. Here is a link that will give you access to Celtic symbol for passion:

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