How To Write Fee Concession Application?


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A fee concession letter is a letter that will help you to obtain a concession, reduction or complete removal of fees for a university or college course that you or one of your siblings is looking to take. It is absolutely paramount that you lay out the letter in the correct manner and ensure that the grammar, punctuation and of course the spelling is perfect in order to give yourself the best chance of receiving the concessions that you are seeking. You must also make sure that you are completely honest about your financial situation as any misinformation that is given can lead to your concessions being denied. Firstly, you will need to insert your full address into the top right-hand side of the letter; this must include your house/apartment number, street name, city name and also the date that you are writing the letter. Then you will need to write on the left-hand side of the letter the name of the principal, the university name and the address of the university. Once this has been completed you can continue with the letter. It is important to explain your interest in the subject that you intend to study and the job that you hope to obtain upon completion of the course of degree that you are applying for. You will then need to inform the principal of your financial position and the level of concession that you are seeking from the fees required to complete the course, for example 50 per cent. Always be polite and use perfect English when writing a letter of this nature and you will give yourself the best chance of success. Complete the letter with a standard 'yours sincerely' or 'kind regards', then your signature and your printed name.

In order to receive a concession in school fees, it may be necessary to provide the following information in a letter to the school:

  • Reason for request

This should be provided on the letter and the normal request is due to the lack of funds to pay for the course in question.

  • Proof of financial situation

If writing to request a concession in school fees due to financial reasons, proof of money in bank accounts should be provided, to show inability to pay the full fee.

  • Proof of suitability for course

If the person applying for the course is asking for a concession, then they need to be a suitable candidate for the course in question. Showing previous qualifications in the relevant subject and any work experience achieved in the subject can prove this. Schools are more likely to provide concessions to the more suitable candidates to the qualification.

A letter should always be addressed to the course leader in the qualification concerned, using Dear Mr., Dear Mrs., Dear Ms., or Dear Dr., and should use the following format:

I wish to be considered for selection for the (name of course) in the (name of educational institution). I am unable to pay for this course due to my current financial position.

Would it please be possible for me to request a concession in the fees if I am accepted onto the course? I have enclosed proof of my current financial position and am happy to provide any other evidence that may be required.

I also enclose proof of the relevant qualifications and work experience in the subject to show my suitability for the course.

I look forward to hearing from you and am hoping for a positive response to my request.

Finally, always sign and date the letter; and use the salutation "Yours sincerely".
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The prianciple
dav public school sre
with due respect I am the father of pankaj and gautam both are studing in your school. I belong to sc categery ,I am simple electriction and my monthly salary is rs 2500 only which is very short .so I am not able to pay full fees to my children . I am requesting you please fees concession for my both children .                                                                     Thanking you
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the principal
respected madam,
this is to bring under your kind notice that I am an alumni of your school and my daughter is also studying in the school. I had applied for my younger daughter's admission and luckily she is selected. It would be very kind of you if you could grant me some con session in fees so that  both of my daughters get the privilege to study in your school.
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I already got fee concession, I want this concession help also in future. And we also take care my son study regularly.
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As my kids got gold medal in national skating competition and also I am working in the same school for past 3 years as a part time teacher so now we need a fees concession for both kids who is studing in class 5 and one in class 3 now how to write a letter to the principal for frees concession
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My 2 sons are studying in your school. Elder one Mitul Sharma is in class IX B and younger one Pradosh Sharma is in Vth C.
I was a manager in a Multinational National Company at Gurgaon. Last year due to recession and slow down in business I lost my job.
I am now 53 years old and facing difficulty to get a job. Due to my unemployment I am not in position to pay the fees of my both children. You are humble requested to give them fee concession of wave off the fees.

Thanks for kind cooperation

Yours faithfully
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  I MEGHAL of 7b is studing in your school since beginning and I beg you for the concession in school fees so that I may carry my studies in your school .
  So once again I beg you for the concession in school fees . I will be highly obliged to you.
  Thanking you
  Your's faithfully
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Sir I m doing b.ed in your college . I have a financially problem so we can't afford my attendance fee. So please reduce my attendance fees. I want this letter in expressive words.
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My father had a shop in boltan market but as know that market had burnt thats why my father has no job thats why I can not afford fees but insha allah after 1 year my parents will pay full fees but till then give me concession

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