How To Write A fee installment Application To?


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You do not say who it is that you want to pay in installments, or for what, so it is impossible to give you a precise answer. Obviously, some organizations are going to be more willing to let you pay in installments than others, and perhaps the one that you owe money to has some information available to give you some guidance.

  • Make contact

The first thing that you should do  is to check out the website of whoever it is that you owe and see if they have anything on there that deals with this situation. If they do, they may have some instructions telling you how to make your application so that all that you need to do is follow them.

If there isn't anything about installments on the site, have a look for their contact numbers and give them a call; it may be possible to set up an arrangement over the phone.

  • Application forms

Some organizations will be so used to people wanting to pay in installments that they will provide their own application forms for the purpose. If this is the case your life will be made easier because all that you have to do is to fill it in and provide all the information that they require.

Besides your contact details, you will probably be requested to provide details of your bank account, your employment status and your Social Security number.

  • Letter

If the organization doesn't have application forms you will have to write a letter. Make sure that it is formal and to the point.

Make a plan before you start to write it of all the things that you want to include so that you do not forget any important details. Obviously state how much you would like to pay, but you may find that it is them who dictate the amount.

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