How To Say Connor In Spanish?


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In Spanish, the name Connor is said pretty much the same as in English, but obviously with an accent. The name Connor originated in Ireland and is a very popular name throughout the UK.

Generally speaking, the name Connor is a boy's name; however, it is becoming increasingly used for girls as well. The meaning of the name Connor is strong willed and wanted. As Connor is an Irish name, its correct pronunciation is Kahn-ur, however, when used in Mainland England it tends to be pronounced the same as it is spelt; Connor. 

This is also true for most other locations e.g. America, Scotland and even Spain. The name Connor does not have an actual meaning in Spanish due to the fact that it is a purely Irish name when traced back in history.

Connor is not a common name in Spain and does not tend to make an appearance in the top 100 names for the country. In Ireland, Connor has not disappeared from the top 100 list in a very long time (in fact as far back as I can find records), in fact it tends to feature in the top 5 names. In England and Wales, Connor has featured in the top 100 names over the last decade fairly frequently; generally it appears at around number 50.

There are a number of variations of the spelling of Connor, although all still are basically the same and do not have differing meanings or origins. These variations include Conor, Konnor, Conner and Connar. These spellings of the name tend to be used most frequently outside of Ireland, for example in England, as the Irish tend to keep to the original spelling.

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