What Does It Mean If A Dragon Fly Lands On You?


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There isn't really any symbolic meaning if a dragonfly happens to land on you when you are outside. It is more likely that you were wearing something bright and the dragonfly was attracted to the color, rather than there being a deep underlying meaning.

  • Dragonflies in dreams.
However in dreams, dragonflies do actually symbolize something. If a dragonfly lands on you in your dream, then it means that you will soon hear good news from somewhere living far away from you. If you see a dead dragonfly in your dream then this means that you will hear bad news soon. If, in your dream, you see a dragonfly perched on an object of some kind, then this means that you will soon be visited by a guest or several guests who will be hard to get rid of.

  • Facts about dragonflies.
Although dragonflies are commonly found around water, not many people know that they actually begin their lives in water and grow into excellent fliers. You can easily pick out dragonflies from other flying insects because of their two narrow sets of wings and elongated bodies. They are also completely harmless to humans.

  • Flight.
The majority of dragonflies fly, on average, at 10 miles per hour. However, quite a few of them can actually move as fast as 30 miles per hour as they are one of the fastest flying insects in the world. If you are ever lucky enough to watch one flying, you will also notice that they are extremely acrobatic and can perform loops and even fly backwards.

  • Diet.
A dragonfly's diet is rather predictable, as they will eat a lot of small insects such as gnats, mosquitoes and flies. Some larger species of adult dragonflies will even eat smaller dragonflies and damselflies. Before dragonflies can fly, when they are still in their water stage, they will feed mostly on tadpoles and mosquito nymphs.

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