What Is A Dragon Fly?


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Dragonfly is an insect. The name dragonfly or dragon fly was erroneously translated into its today's form. Its true origin is not known. But, the story of how the dragon fly got its name can be found in the book Folklore of the Dragonfly: A Linguistic Approach. In this book, he stated the origin of the dragon fly to be an ancient Romanian Folktale. The story starts with St George. St George has a beautiful horse.

In this tale, a devil turns this horse into a giant insect with wings. The tale tells that people referred to this giant insect as 'St George's Insect' (this was the English translation for the actual words). The translation of the phrases that they used when translated also meant 'Devil's Horse'. The peasants of that time actually saw the Devils's Horse. Later, the people referred the horse as devil's fly. Sarot stated Romanian word for devil was drac but drac also meant dragon in Romanian. Thus, he concluded that Devil fly eventually came to be known as dragon fly.
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A Dragon Fly is a type of an insect that belongs to the order of Odonata. The sub order of these species is 'Epiprocta' and the infraorder is 'Anispoetra'. The dragon fly is characterized by its large multifaceted eyes. The dragon fly also has two strong transparent wings, and it also has an elongated body.

The dragon flies normally eat mosquitoes, midges and other various kinds of small insects which also include Flies, Butterflies and Bees. These dragon flies are usually found in areas surrounding lakes, stream, ponds and other kinds of wet lands. They are found in such regions as the larvas (also known as "Nymphs") they produce are aquatic. Under normal circumstances dragon flies do not sting humans and they are very much valued as predators that control the population of other insects like mosquitoes.
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Dragonfly is an insect
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WRONG they are insects species of specimen and btw you guys looked it up. And they are predetors believe it or not
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