What Is The Hebrew Symbol For Faith And Hope?


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Unfortunately, we are unable to draw symbols here, so may be best to go to google or to find the answer to this one
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One would be the Star of David a hexagram that signifies the number seven: That is, the six points plus the center. It also represents the six directions of space plus the center, i.e., up, down, East, West, South, North and Center. There may also be a relationship to the menorah a candle stick with seven lamps. One on the center pole and three branching out on each side.  There is also a relationship between the Star of David and the Shema, the most important Jewish prayer which has six words and is often seen written around the Star of David.  David was one of the greatest kings of Israel and is still held in very high esteem.  I hope this is helpful. You may also enjoy the Book Just Thinking Out Loud which you can buy from any bookstore.  Ken Qualls

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