What Is Reference?


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Listed are a couple of meanings for the word reference:
1. An act or instance of referring.     2. A mention; allusion.     3. Something for which a name or designation stands; denotation.     4. A direction in a book or writing to some other book, passage, etc.     5. A book, passage, etc., to which one is directed.
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Reference is basically a symbolic relationship between persons. Its basically a word of mouth that carries a great meaning to life and it helps you in several cases if you have a strong reference along with you. In this world of today reference is very important along with education and everything because if you have a good qualification but the reference is not that much strong then you will have to really go through the tough phase.

Strong references count a lot in life. Reference gives you a strong platform in life and it helps you to have the edge of proving your worth to others and making that third person who has reffered you proud so that later in life when you forward someone with your reference your word count and people can say he came with that person reference and now he is refering someone the option will be equally good as he himself is and this is how the cycle will be developed.

References basically your introduction to the people you don't know they acquire from the people that know you and that have some relation with you. References are great words that make your life and that can destroy your life as well.
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'A remark that calls attention to something or someone' or 'A short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage'

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