What Is The Importance Of Free Press?


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Free press is the ultimate necessity of the day. Without free press democracy cannot function properly. In fact its not wrong to say that free press ensures democracy because its keeps a check on the people in power. A French philosopher once said that free press has its merits and demerits however without the freedom of press we can only expect bad things.

Free press strengthens the foundations of a nation. It also helps the common man by highlighting the basic problems and hence encourages overall progress. We can't neglect the role of press in educating the masses. Access to information is the basic right of people and press plays a vital role, in keeping the people informed of the current situation. The role of free press is not simply limited to reporting instead press also has a role in opinion making.

However this role requires responsible behavior. Journalists should remain neutral and must not be biased in any case. Although it seems difficult but they are far more responsible as they have access to masses and have the power to transform the reality. They should not indulge in any type of defamation. Freedom of expression is the basic right of the people however there must be some limits. However free press does not mean that they can propagate anything whether good or bad.

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