Can You Explain The Term Efficiency In Your Own Words?


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In most of the work places and organizations efficiency experts could move in to different areas saying and quoting you are inefficient or you efficiency level is too low or bad. We are confiscating all your work and surrounding and throwing it out of the organization. Or saying out those lines of codes which are inefficient and will trying to change those different types of codes of efficiency.

The introduction of the concept of the efficiency is likely seems to be generating the flawed reasoning. So in my opinion it is better to talk about efficiency and the organizations now a day need to be skilled in flawed reasoning and arguments. But mostly all organizations are not.

Basically efficiency is the measurement of achievement of the goals and objectives which one has set for his future. Or to complete the task he had specified for himself or to reach a required standard with at least resources. These resources may include man, money, time, line of codes, equipment etc. one can show high efficiency by achieving his required or pre set goals in less time, with scarce or limited resources and following its line of codes. Or in other words we can say an efficient man to any hard working man, who can achieve its goals.

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