How To Say 'Good Night' In Korean?


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Ahn Nyeong Hee Ju Mu Se Yo is a common way of saying 'good night' in Korean.

In Hangul (the Korean alphabet) it is written as 안녕히 주무세요.

Goodnight in Korean
Ahn Nyeong Hee Ju Mu Se Yo is the best way to wish someone who's older than you (or someone who commands your respect) a good night.

The literal translation is, 'please sleep peacefully', with the phrase Ahn Nyeong Hee meaning 'peaceful'.

Ju Mu Se Yo is a polite way of saying 'sleep' or 'please sleep'. 

In Korean culture, certain expressions are reserved for use when addressing a parent, older relative, teacher, or pretty much anyone who's older or wiser than you.

If you just want to say good night to a friend in an informal manner, then the expression Jal Ja is used more colloquially. This is written 잘 자.

The phrase Jal Ja Nae Kkum Kkwar is a popular term among couples, and literally translates to 'goodnight, dream of me'. Interestingly, the phrase was popularized by a Korean television advert!

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